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Event Networking and Internet

Exceptional event WiFi that enlivens your event and keeps everyone connected.

Customizable and secure event WiFi

Holding an indoor or outdoor event? Presenting at a conference, trade show or other gathering?

Wintek can establish reliable, customizable and high-speed connectivity services that enable attendees, exhibitors and organizers to seamlessly connect, communicate, and access online resources.

Event WiFi that wows

No two ways about it: Event internet must work everywhere. Wintek can support all connectivity needs.

  • Internet browsing
  • Cloud-based application access
  • Interactive participation

Wintek helps you connect laptops, smartphones or tablets without requiring physical network cables.

  • Secure, high-performance connections
  • Multiple access points strategically located to ensure event-wide coverage

Wintek can help manage bandwidth to ensure optimal performance for all users at your event.

  • Load balancing
  • User / device bandwidth allocation
  • Quality of Service (QoS) priorities based on requirements (e.g., real-time applications, streaming)

Wintek prioritizes the protection of attendees’ devices and data from potential threats.

  • Ensure a safe browsing environment at your event and protect sensitive information for all users
  • Strategies include encryption protocols, firewalls and intrusion detection systems

Wintek can make our local experts available onsite to address issues and ensure smooth operation.

  • Combine real-time tracking and onsite assistance to ensure optimal performance and connection

Wintek can help you control network access, gather analytics and ensure compliance with usage policies.

  • Require attendees to authenticate through a login page or accept terms of service before access

Wintek can assist exhibitors or vendors at your event requiring additional specialized internet services.

  • Wired connections, VLANs and more
  • Support advanced business operations, interactive demonstrations or secure online transactions


Event WiFi at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds

Wintek offers networking solutions designed exclusively for events at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds. Whether it’s a corporate conference, expo, convention, trade show, or community gathering, Wintek Business Solutions will elevate your event with unparalleled connectivity.
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