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Network Support

Ensure the continuous health, reliability and security of your business network.

When your network needs help

Wintek provides local experts to deliver professional maintenance and troubleshooting for business networks, ensuring swift resolution of any issue that may arise. It’s all aimed at optimizing your network performance, reliability and security.

Fast and capable network support

Wintek’s local, fast-responding experts can help you diagnose symptoms and manifestations of any issue.
  • Slow network speeds
  • Intermittent connectivity
  • Network outages
  • Application errors
  • Unusual network behavior

Wintek tools and software offer insights into network health and any necessary preventive measures.

  • Gather data on network performance, traffic patterns and error logs
  • Gain insight into potential bottlenecks and abnormal network behavior
Wintek experts can help narrow and focus the troubleshooting scope to deliver effective solutions faster.
  • Wintek professionals can pinpoint the specific location of a problem
  • Identifying abnormalities in specific devices, network segments, protocols or configurations
Our network experts at Wintek are well-versed in solving issues that arise with network configurations.
  • Ensuring hardware connections in complex systems
  • Analyzing network traffic
  • Conducting ping or traceroute tests
  • Performing packet captures to analyze network packets
Wintek believes communication is essential for collaboration. We share our troubleshooting knowledge.
  • Documentation and distribution of any troubleshooting process
  • Outline of steps taken, test results and solutions attempted
  • This helps streamline future troubleshooting issues for all involved
Identify problems, diagnose network issues and implement appropriate solutions with Wintek’s help.
  • Network analyzers
  • Command-line utilities
  • Network diagnostic software
  • Vendor-specific troubleshooting guides
It’s simple: If Wintek finds a problem, we fix it.
  • Reconfiguration of network settings
  • Firmware or software updates
  • Hardware replacement
  • Network-traffic optimization
  • Resolution of security vulnerabilities
Wintek experts always verify the effectiveness of any changes we’ve implemented to resolve an issue.
  • Testing network performance
  • Conducting connectivity tests
  • Monitoring network behavior to ensure effective function
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