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Recurring Maintenance

Ensure the continuous health, reliability and security of your business network.

Keep your business operating at its peak

Your network is no different than an automobile or the human body. It requires maintenance and support for peak performance. Wintek will schedule and perform activities that ensure the continuous health, reliability and security of your business network.

Support for peak performance

Wintek experts will routinely inspect network configurations, log analysis, network traffic and hardware.

Wintek will always ensure the latest software and firmware upgrades for devices on your network.

  • Routers, switches, firewalls and access points
  • Reduce vulnerabilities, improve compatibility and ensure optimal performance

Wintek will fine-tune settings, adjust Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and optimize traffic flow.

Wintek’s consistent, comprehensive backup systems ensure business continuity amid any malfunction.

Wintek uses industry-wide best practices to update policies, review controls and protect your network.
  • Regular security audits and assessments identify risks, vulnerabilities or compliance issues

Support and maintenance isn’t just always a patch. Wintek helps provide training and documentation.

  • Empowering clients with necessary knowledge
  • Helping them effectively use network resources, maintain security and address common issues

Wintek’s continuous monitoring finds real-time anomalies, performance degradation or security issues.

Wintek’s documentation process prioritizes network performance and areas for improvement.
  • Network configurations, changes and maintenance are comprehensively documented
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