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Private Circuits

Dedicated communication lines that ensure exclusive, secure connectivity between two or more locations.

End-to-end, private connectivity

Isolation from public networks adds an extra safeguard to Wintek’s leading-edge security measures.
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches and cyber threats
  • Create an ideal environment for transmitting sensitive or confidential information
Wintek private circuits eliminate performance complications of shared network resources.
  • Minimize the impact on performance during peak usage periods
  • Provide a consistent, reliable user experience
Private circuits from Wintek offer a fast response and minimal delay.
  • Low latency provides smooth, uninterrupted communication for such real-time applications as:
    • Video conferencing
    • VoIP calls
    • Cloud-based services
The flexibility and personalization of Wintek private circuits help your business expand as necessary.
  • Empower your business to appropriately scale network capacity
  • Ensure consistently reliable bandwidth for data-intensive tasks
  • Support user demands and accommodate future growth
Wintek private circuits help strengthen teamwork, streamline operations and improve outcomes.
  • The power of Wintek private circuits helps your organization:
    • Seamlessly exchange large files
    • Easily access centralized databases
    • Conduct productive, real-time communication across multiple offices
If public internet service goes down, a Wintek private circuit keeps your business up and running.
  • Maintain reliable access even amid network outages or disruptions to public internet service
  • Ensure uninterrupted connectivity and further reduce the effect on your business
Wintek private circuits help you establish reliable, secure connections to essential cloud services.
  • Use cloud-based applications, infrastructure and storage with optimal performance and security
  • Facilitate seamless integration of onsite and cloud environments
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