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Remote Management and Monitoring

Wintek Business Solutions offers remote management and monitoring to proactively protect your network.

Maximize your business network performance

Whether Wintek comprehensively manages your network or collaborates with your own IT team, remote management and monitoring (RMM) tools, technologies and practices proactively protect your network.

RMM helps troubleshoot issues and perform maintenance without requiring a physical onsite presence, prioritizes solutions for business functions, and can adjust services to meet your current business needs.

Networking hardware, software and services

Wintek’s real-time RMM allows for early detection of issues that affect IT systems and infrastructures.

  • Stay out in front of your system’s health, performance and availability through RMM tools
  • Enact preventive measures on performance bottlenecks, security breaches or hardware failure

Wintek professionals can automate maintenance to mitigate issues and avoid significant disruptions.

  • Software updates
  • Patch management
  • Antivirus scans
  • System backups
Wintek’s RMM tools generate comprehensive reports to help you make decisions driven by reliable data.
  • System performance
  • Resource utilization
  • Potential areas of improvement
  • Diagnose infrastructure health and identify trends

Wintek professionals receive an alert if an anomaly, failure or security threat is found on your network.

  • Ensure a prompt, effective response to critical events to maintain your business continuity
  • Notifications triggered via email, SMS or other preferred communication channels
Wintek teams can remotely enhance your business network’s strength without the need to be onsite.
  • Diagnose problems
  • Install software updates or patches
  • Resolve configuration issues
  • Provide user support

RMM lets Wintek monitor systems and protect them from cyber threats and security vulnerabilities.

  • Remote deployment of security patches
  • Management of antivirus and firewall settings
  • Implementation of network-wide security policies

Wintek’s RMM saves time, effort and the need for manual configuration of software and systems.

Stay ahead of any suspicious activity with detailed, comprehensive access records using Wintek RMM.
  • Record and examine activity in information systems
  • Enhance security with detailed, comprehensive access records
  • Monitor data and systems for security breaches and vulnerabilities
Wintek RMM helps network administrators complete essential tasks to keep systems running smoothly.
  • Keep tabs on network configuration, performance, security (link to Site Security) and issues
  • Create reports that can be communicated to stakeholders, clients and auditors
  • Optimize uptime and minimize downtime
Gain insight into your network, maintain network devices and stay ahead of issues using Wintek RMM.
  • Remote troubleshooting reduces onsite time and fixes issues with more speed and efficiency
  • Gather necessary information and create appropriate alerts and tickets
  • Track network and device health
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple endpoints
  • Automate scheduled maintenance
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