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A network built for what you need

Learn how Wintek Business Solutions can customize the ideal business network for you.

Your business is built on vision, innovation and hard work.

Wintek Business Solutions gives you a network built on those same principles.

At Wintek, we build your business network the way it should be.

Consultative partnership

Dynamic solutions

Comprehensive resources

Leading-edge technology

Rigorous security

Local expertise

Proven results

Consultative partnership Dynamic solutions Comprehensive resources Leading-edge technology
Rigorous security Local expertise Proven results

Choosing Wintek gives you the leading-edge fiber-optic connection, secure protection and local customer-service expertise you need for productivity, satisfaction and success. 

Your network is in good hands.

Travis Bailey

Technology Innovation Practice Leader

Jason Monroe

Customer Experience Practice Leader

Bryan Wrede

Consulting Practice Leader


We’re proud to be a Cisco Partner.

Cisco is a multinational technology company that specializes in networking hardware, software and services. Widely recognized as a global leader in networking and IT infrastructure solutions, Cisco offers network connectivity, security, cloud computing and more. Wintek is proud to be a longtime Cisco partner, and many members of our team hold elite Cisco certifications.

Wintek meets your need for speed and performance.

It’s simple: If your business can’t connect, your business can’t function. Wintek Business Solutions ensures connectivity through a resilient fiber-optic network infrastructure, strategically redundant systems and multiple data centers. Minimize your downtime and maximize your business success.  

Symmetrical speed is the pace your business needs.

Most business networks offer fast downloads. They can’t promise the same on uploads. Wintek Business Solutions offers symmetrical upload and download speeds – ensuring optimal file sharing, video conferencing and more. Plus, dedicated connections keep your business running smoothly without worrying about network traffic. 

A network that reflects who you are.

In a world where colleagues may be across the hall and across the globe, there are no one-size-fits-all networks. From small business to large-scale enterprise, Wintek Business Solutions delivers strategic, custom network services to meet your needs. Consultative. Collaborative. Cost-effective. Flexible. Secure. Future-proof. Wintek has a solution just for you.

Local experts who live and work where you do

Enjoy world-class support without sending your issue around the world. Wintek Business Solutions strategically monitors systems to proactively address concerns before they become issues. As our customer, count on around-the-clock, dedicated assistance when you need it from a knowledgeable team of experts that’s local to Lafayette. Should an issue arise, Wintek provides prompt, efficient and effective assistance to minimize your disruption and get you back to what matters most – your business.

Redundancies that keep your network running.

Wintek Business Solutions’ core architecture is strategically designed for redundancies in multiple states. This gives you the best chance to stay connected even amid unplanned maintenance or unexpected disruption. 

Network performance. Reliability. Support. Wintek’s got it in writing.

Service level agreements (SLAs) define guaranteed levels of uptime, performance, response times and support expectations. It’s a formal expression of the exceptional service from Wintek Business Solutions — the way we walk the talk and provide everything we promote about network reliability and support. If we fall short on our agreement, we will compensate you.  

Seeking a full-service network solution?

Consider Wintek’s Managed Services Program. 

Wintek Business Solutions can deliver a leading-edge, cost-effective and hassle-free turnkey network. No alarms and no surprises. Just a business network comprehensively planned, designed and implemented for optimal performance now and for years to come – always with 24/7 support from our local experts.

Wintek Business Solutions can be a managed services provider – designing, implementing and maintaining all aspects of your business network and connection

Strategically adaptive and dynamic methods help you improve operations and manage expenses

Stay one step ahead of competitors and consistently benefit from technology advancements

Reallocate your business resources toward maximizing productivity and performance

Wintek will help you manage the growth of your network in a cost-effective manner

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