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Project Management

We offer expertise from first contact to final installation.

Ensuring successful project outcomes

From start to finish, Wintek offers systematic planning, coordination and execution of projects related to a business network. It’s not just planning designs and ordering hardware. It’s engaging every stakeholder with purpose and clarity to ensure a successful outcome.

Multifaceted planning, collaboration, and adaptability

It starts with comprehensive discussions of objectives, scope, deliverables, responsibilities and timelines.
  • Infrastructure, hardware, software and resources will then be chosen to meet those stated goals
Wintek project managers will engage and collaborate with all necessary stakeholders on the project.
  • IT professionals at your business, third-party vendors, end users
  • Wintek helps them understand requirements, manage expectations and communicate progress
Wintek will allocate resources in a manner that strategically meets your goals and outcomes.

Wintek handles details to ensure everything remains on budget, on deadline and on track to succeed.

Wintek’s outstanding project management heads off problems at the pass to ensure smooth progress.

Wintek project management is rooted in strong communication between teams and stakeholders.
  • Building an effectively collaborative and comfortable environment
  • Regular meetings, status updates and information sharing

Wintek project managers effectively minimize disruptions to ensure smooth transition amid changes.

  • Change analysis
  • Comprehensive approvals
  • Proven change-control processes
Wintek will ensure project objectives are met within parameters established by preliminary discussions.
  • Regular project-status reviews
  • Evaluating deliverables
  • Managing project scope
  • Addressing any deviations or issues

Wintek will provide a comprehensive closing report (and lessons learned) to ensure a successful handoff.

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